A high school fantasy I wish that happened !

I was a freshman, it was start of the new school year, as I walked through the open air campus , saw the star high school senior football player named rick! Rick was 6’2, blond hair, Very muscular! Prob 18”calves, 31”thighs, 52”chest, 20” bis, 16” forearms, forearms covered in a layer of silky thick blond hair that glisten in the sunlight! I was a skinny freshman, I just stared at his body as he was talking to some of his teammates, they were all dressed in their football gear! My cock was rock hard, as I walked toward them, rick looked at me, what are starring at geek? I said nothing dude, I’m jason, they all gave me a dirty look and walked away. I thought nothing of it, then one Friday afternoon after school, before the football game, saw rick and his teammates sitting in the bleachers by the field, they were wearing tank tops, all their muscles buldging, they told me to come over, I was a little nervous per they are all so huge, and rick and his thick ripped hairy muscular arms and ripped cut muscular body! What was your name, they asked, jason I said. Rick smiled, well jason , me and my boys, were rude to u a few weeks ago, so as seniors, we want to make freshman feel welcome, I said thanks, and to do that rick said sit down here , ok, I said . Ricks team mates, both very muscled , brown hair, smooth cut muscles, but very thick and dence, were in front, rick sat behind me , I said, what’s up guys, rick said we like to make skinny guys feel special, and to do that well, then in one fell swoop, ricks friends grabbed my legs, ricks powerful legs, covered in a thin layer of hair wrapped around me pinning my arms, what’s going on, I yelled, just relaxe jason, then I felt ricks massive arm wrap around my face! His other arm go behind my neck, could feel all that blond hair and hard muscle against my neck, his massive arm sealed tightly over my mouth and nose, his hard bicep pressing against me, his hard hairy forarm cutting off my air! I tried to struggle but my arms were pined by ricks thick muscled hairy legs, I couldn’t breath, rick flexed his arm that was over my face, ya boys , we have us a new smother toy for the year, I tried to scream, but only muffled sounds came from me as ricks thick muscled hairy arm was smothering me! They were laughing as my legs kicked per the other guys let my feet go since I was firmly encased in ricks muscles! They could see my rock hard boner through my jeans, hey rick , he’s really enjoying your muscles , like that jason , you like my big muscular hairy arm smothering u? Ha,good, cause ur going to get to feel my muscles a lot! Along with the rest of our team, his friends smiled at me! I tried to beg, as I was weaking from no air, rick removed his arm for a moment to let me breath, but I was still encased in his legs! I gasped, please rick , rick smiled, sorryjason, we need a smother toy and your it, he clapped his hand over my mouth but letting me breath, see ur going to get the priveledge of feeling our muscular bodies encase, smother , and dominate u all year, u also get to be gagged and smotherd by all our cocks! Hahaha, ya, his friend said, I tried to kick and move, but the power of ricks massive legs, holding me was to great. His friends rubbed my rock hard cock I neary exploded, hey rick he is ready, ha, rick pressed me into him , we also need for you to cum and give us lots of protein to fuel out growing muscles, haha. Ok guys, lets move him into the lockerroom , then rick removed his hand , now just relaxe jason, going to make u pass out now so we can move u„ please , I begged, no, even though I always loved being smotherd, I was scared and never thought this would happen like this, then rick rubbed his hairy forearm over my face, get use to that feeling jason, I could feel the thick hairy and hard steel muscle of his forearm flex, then he removed it, placed his hand on my forehead, stretched out his thick muscular arm, could see the hair glisten, his dence hard muscle flex. As the veins popped„, then he slowly brought it up, my face went in to the crook, some hair and muscle pressed against my mouth and nose, he, then wrapped it tight around my face, his hairy forearm flexed and then sealed off my air , he then folded his arms together, with me on one side, smothering! He released my arms and just wrapped his legs around my waist , his friends open my zipper and pulled out my cock, that’s it jason suck in that hair and thick muscle! I grabbed ricks arms I could only feel his massive tricep, bicep and his thick blond hair on his arms as I kicked trying to breath, but could only smother, as his arms encased me in their airtight hairy muscle prison , i feebly felt his hair on his flexing forarms, as my movements slowed, then I felt myself cum, as I watched rick and his boys yell ya, as they watch me smother in ricks arm , I went out! Then woke up tied to the shower pole&; i was completly naked, gag in my mouth, saw a note on the wall, hey smother toy, thanks for the protein earlier , when we are done with the game we will all be i, all 25 of us, to give u a good cleaning and smother session! Signed RICK!  This guy was so hot!